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Welcome to The Green Apple Health Foods!

We at The Green Apple strive to be a friendly place with knowledgeable and honest associates where health-conscious members of the community can come to find wholesome, quality products at low prices.  We carry a wide selection of vitamins, herbs, supplements, gluten-free breads and pastries, organic teas and coffees, dairy-free goodies, organic produce, organic fine wines, and much more! We look forward to meeting you and establishing new relationships with customers and friends.

Inflammation is the beginning of all pain. It is triggered by damage to your body. Pain is our warning signal that something in our body is in need of repair.  Inflammation and pain are normal and necessary when we have an injury, such as a sprained ankle.  However, chronic inflammation that lasts continuously is not normal and is, in fact, a disease.  This type of inflammation is at the root of almost all serious illness and disease.

For instance, the American Heart Association quotes a study from the University of Texas, Houston Health Science Center subtitled “Inflammation as a Cardiovascular Risk Factor” as saying, "Epidemiological and clinical studies have shown strong and consistent relationships between markers of inflammation and risk of future cardiovascular events.”(1)  Also, Stanford University School of Medicine was part of an international team of universities who studied the DNA of more than 190,000 people looking for links to causes of heart disease.  Themistocles (Tim) Assimes, MD, PhD, a Stanford assistant professor of medicine and one of the study’s lead authors stated “There has been much debate as to whether inflammation seen in plaque buildup in heart vessels is a cause or a consequence of the plaques themselves. Our network analysis…in this study seems to provide evidence that genetic defects in some pathways related to inflammation are a cause.”(2)  In simplified terms Dr. Assimes is saying that this enormous study by top universities across the world concluded that inflammation is a cause of heart disease, not a result of heart disease.

So what can you do to fight inflammation naturally?  Many health professionals believe the best answer is a blend of the herbs curcumin & boswellia. These are both extremely effective in relieving inflammation and they have been clinically studied to stop pain, inflammation and heal joint damage. But the form of curcumin that you take is very important.  Always remember- it’s not how much you take of a supplement, but how much your body actually absorbs that truly matters.  The problem is that the normal process of extracting curcumin tends to reduce its ability to be absorbed in your body.  That’s why we strongly recommend the Terry Naturally brand called Curamin- that combines curcumin and boswellia into a bioavailable form that absorbs at up to 10 times the rate of normal curcumin supplements.

At The Green Apple Health Foods store each week people come into the store and share with us their personal stories of how the inflammation-reducing & pain-relieving effects of Curamin has reduced or eliminated their inflammation & pain so that they can get back to enjoying life once more.  Not too long ago a gentleman came in with his wife and asked about pain relief for his knees which were in severe pain constantly.  As one of our staff was trying to explain the benefits of Curamin to him, a second gentleman came into the store and grabbed a package of Curamin off the shelf and immediately went to the checkout.  So our staff member asked this second man why he was taking Curamin.  Here's what he said: “About 9 months ago I had back surgery.  Afterwards I still had continuous, severe pain, so I was on oxycodone and several other prescription medications.  But I still had intense pain.  Worse yet- I was so drugged up that I could barely function on a daily basis.  About 5 months ago a friend told me about Curamin and I was so desperate I said I’d try it.  After just a few pills of Curamin my pain was greatly reduced.  Now, after being on it for several months, I am totally off all prescription pain pills, my pain is at a very low level, and, most of all, I’m able to function again.  This Curamin gave me my life back!”  Needless to say the gentleman with the knee problems decided to try Curamin for his pain!

There honestly is not time to tell all of the testimonies shared by people coming into The Green Apple who have personally experienced the inflammation & pain relief of Curamin.  If you are suffering from pain that is caused by inflammation, come by The Green Apple today and get some more information about why Curamin is so effective and could very well stop your pain and get you back to living.




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